Encyclopedia of Retirement and Finance

Encyclopedia of Retirement and Finance

Encyclopedia of Retirement and Finance  
Lois A. Vitt, Editor-in-Chief 

Consulting Editors:
E. Craig MacBean and Jurg K. Siegenthaler

Associate Editors:
Jamie Losikoff-Kent, Candace D. Jenkins, Mary Helen McSweeney, Julie Overton, Sandra L. Reynolds, M. Shelton Smith, Denise Talbot-White

Managing Editors: Ingrid Carlson, Jay Schweig

Introduction by: Dallas L. Salisbury

Forward by: Yung-Ping Chen.

ISBN: 0-313-32495-6

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ISFS is proud to announce the publication of the Encyclopedia of Retirement and Finance, the only encyclopedia that focuses on all of the financial issues associated with retirement and later life.

This comprehensive, up-to-date, two-volume work includes over 180 entries on the most recent issues in financial planning and investing, retirement plans, health coverage and care, housing, employment and quality of life in retirement. Entries include finance and gerontology concepts, terms, policies and programs, the needs and problems of older adults, and more. Each article features references to research, bibliographies, sources for advice, and guides to further information.

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