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November 1 , 2004

Contact: Lois A. Vitt

Article: Consumers’ Financial Decisions and the Psychology of Values by Lois A. Vitt, Ph. D., is Published in Journal of Financial Service Professionals

Middleburg, Virginia

The November issue of the Journal of Financial Service Professionals included a new article by Dr. Lois A. Vitt, the Founding Director of the Institute for Socio-Financial Studies.

An abstract of the article follows:

Financial service professionals and personal finance educators can help more consumers plan better for their retirement and later life by learning the trade secrets of advertisers. This article describes how many people make financial decisions and what sparks their desire to become more financially savvy, a necessary precondition for them to tackle spending issues and then to plan, save and invest for future financial security. Consumer financial decisions involve psychological, physical, and social values that are rooted in feelings and emotions. Consumer behaviors can appear as irrational and even irresponsible, except to marketers. But what if finance professionals and educators could tap into the same values channels that advertisers have been stimulating and mining for years?

The complete article may be accessed HERE.