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September 2, 2005

Contact: Lois A. Vitt

ISFS and AARP Release Study on Current State of Financial Literacy in U.S.

Middleburg, Virginia

Goodbye to Complacency: Financial Literacy Education in the United States 2000-2005, an update to the Fannie Mae Foundation's Personal Finance and the Rush to Competence, was released today in electronic format available for download.

The study is an overview of the proliferation and effectiveness of the personal financial education efforts undertaken during the past five years to help Americans achieve competence in personal finance.

The update was commissioned and prepared for the AARP. The report is based upon a working paper developed and presented by ISFS at the 2005 US-UK Dialogue on Pensions, held July 19-21, 2005, in Washington, DC, United States. The full report is not available as a bound text, but may be downloaded in PDF format from the ISFS site.

"Employers and employees are increasingly recognizing the strategic value of learning programs in the workplace, but Canada still lags behind many OECD countries in terms of the amount of training provided by employers. Why create learning programs in the workplace? How can employers and unions collaborate to organize and implement successful learning programs? What are the potential benefits for the employer-- and for the employee?"


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The Institute for Socio-Financial Studies takes a cross-disciplinary approach to its research and education by illuminating the human and social concerns within finance and business. ISFS works in the areas of financial literacy education, health care financing, the finances of aging, employee workplace financial education, and investing in the environment, among other issues.

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