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May 8, 2003

Contact: Lois A. Vitt

ISFS Participates in EBRI-ERF Policy Forum

Washington, D. C.

ISFS Founding Director, Lois A. Vitt, Ph.D., joined a group of expert panelists and about a hundred leaders of the health sector, policymakers, employers, and labor representatives at an Employee Benefit Research Institute--Education & Research Fund (EBRI-ERF) Policy Forum to examine how the wider use of evidence-based medicine can enhance the quality and affordability of health care services. The forum was entitled "Will Wider Use of Evidence-Based Medicine Significantly Enhance Health Care Quality and Affordability? Implications for Consumer-Driven Health Benefits." Presentations investigated various implications of using evidence-based medicine on health care costs and quality, the importance of consumer involvement, "consumer-directed" health coverage and care, sources of evidence, the need for increased consumer education, reality checks, and next steps.

Participants engaged in discussions of how the health system can be moved to do a better job of testing, documenting, communicating and performing, and how individuals can use evidence-based medical information to find what is right (or best) or proven to help them determine what is best for them personally.

The ISFS presentation, "Values-Focused Consumer Education in Health Benefits and Care", examined the values that influence consumer decision-making and decisions about health, health care, and health care financing both for society and for individuals. Dr. Vitt indicated that consumers can be helped to become better consumers of health care through increased health coverage education that taps into what they value about health and health care.

For information about this policy forum, contact EBRI here, or call EBRI publications at (202) 659-0670.