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January 28 , 2002

Contact: Lois A. Vitt

ISFS Courses to be Taught at Catholic University's International Center on Global Aging

Washington, D. C.

The Institute for Socio-Financial Studies today announced three courses to be taught at the International Center on Global Aging, National Catholic School of Social Service at the Catholic University of America. The courses will be given as part of the curriculum for the school's Certificate on Aging, a program that provides participants with a comprehensive overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of aging.

The first course offered will be Socio-Financial Aspects of Housing. This course will focus on later-life housing decisions, the socio-financial impacts of housing choices, and relationships among people's financial planning decisions, retirement lifestyle, values, health, health care, and frailty planning.

The second course offered will be Inter-Generational and Family Issues, which will examine the impacts of financial decisions on family members, the dilemmas involved when a geographically dispersed family is confronted with financial or health care related decisions, and the issues surrounding estate planning within families.

Finally, From Healthy Aging to Medical Care, the last course offered, will center on health care policies and costs, health care financial information, and issues surrounding managed care. It will also teach students about human development as it relates to health issues.

Each course will include several specific case studies, investigations into current research, interactive participation with other students, and references to local organizations and other research networks.

The courses will be taught by Lois A. Vitt, Ph.D., the founding director of ISFS, and by Jurg K. Siegenthaler, Ph.D., ISFS executive director.